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    Kenyata Martin

Talents by: Kenyata Martin
$10.99 Kenyata Martin, a 13 year old young man from Tifton Ga. Like all young boys his age he has a love for all things childlike. Growing up in a small town offers him a sense of security and comfort. With an unexpected move to Atlanta a major city 180 miles away. Kenyatta leaves all the people and things that truly make him happy …
Gavrielle L. Author & Editor
" I couldn’t put this book down and ended up reading it in one sitting! "
Kiah Z. Writer
" The book’s outstanding writing deserves everyone’s attention. It will expand the way you see the world and hopefully impress upon you that no matter our lot in life we all want to be loved, respected and accepted for who we are and we all have gifts to share with the world. "
Diana G. Speaker
" The mark of a truly good story is that it is capable of invoking emotion well after the last chapter is finished. A tremendous amount of talent and polish went into writing this story I definitely put this one near the top of my favorites in this genre. "
About author
Kenyata Martin Style: Kenyata Martin was once one of youngest inmates in the Georgia state prison system, at age 13 he was sentenced to 10 years for armed robbery. While having to grow up in an environment that was foreign to most adolescents, Kenyata survived indescribable conditions. While navigating the system, his early education came from prison values and their code of ethics. As adulthood came, maturity and wanting more for himself, Kenyata took certification classes to provide a better life outside of prison.
Kenyata Martin

Interested in speaking engagements?

Kenyata Martin has engaged in motivaional speaking for the past four years. With these engagements, Kenyata has been able to help adolescents and parents gain an understanding of teen violence. His story has helped transform and encourage many.