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Kenyata Martin

         Kenyata Martin was once one of youngest inmates in the Georgia state prison system, at age 13 he was sentenced to 10 years for armed robbery. While having to grow up in an environment that was foreign to most adolescents, Kenyata survived indescribable conditions. While navigating the system, his early education came from prison values and their code of ethics. As adulthood came, maturity and wanting more for himself, Kenyata took certification classes to provide a better life outside of prison.

         Having to adjust to society’s standards can be a daunting task for anyone, imagine the added pressures of being a felon. Kenyata has gone on to overshadow the stigma that comes with being a criminal. Wanting to create a better tomorrow, Kenyata has conduct several speaking engagements with the youth to guide them through their choices and second chances in life. Adding business owner to the list of his major accomplishments, Kenyata owns a thriving transportation company. Paying forward his second chance, his company hires ex-convicted felons and once homeless. Kenyata has turned what was a juvenile decision into a lesson about overcoming all barriers.


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