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  • Talents by: Kenyata Martin $10.99

    Kenyata Martin, a 13 year old young man from Tifton Ga. Like all young boys his age he has a love for all things childlike. Growing up in a small town offers him a sense of security and comfort. With an unexpected move to Atlanta a major city 180 miles away. Kenyata leaves all the people and things that truly make him happy. A new environment and new freedoms, become too much for Kenyatta. Days that should be spent in a classroom become hours spent on the streets.


    At 13 years old. Only months after moving to Atlanta, Kenyata is sentenced to 10 years in prison for committing an armed robbery. He will serve out his time at Lee Arrendale State Prison. Being in Prison at such a young age Kenyatta experiences many ups and downs as well as tragic losses. Remembering the long conversations with his grandparents, help restore his faith in God and creates extra motivation to finish out his sentence and get home safely.


    Having served the majority of his sentence, Kenyata gets out and chooses to speak to the youth about making the right decisions in life. However one bad choice leads Kenyata back at Lee Arrendale, to finish the rest of his 10-year sentence. While in prison Kenyata is determined to make this his last time, he makes a promise to himself that he will use his God given talents to change one life at a time.